producer fails

Top 5 Producer Fails

1. Having bad transitions from quadruplets to triplets.

It’s actually really unfortunate to hear this, but when a producer changes the song from quadruplets to triplets at the drop, without any sort of warning, it kills the vibe. Even if the pre-drop, and post-drop sound CRAZY on their own, they suck when you put them together. Next time, try switching to triplets a couple beats before the drop, so it’s not a jerk when the drop hits.

2. Using premade drum loops.

This is the ailment of alot of modern producers. Seriously, you should sidechain your kick, snare, hats, and other percussions, it sounds awful. Even if you make a new loop with just the kick to sidechain, you’re still taking out creativity that dedicated producers add to their music. If you must use a drum loop at least put a “Feat.” in the title. King Darwin Feat. Vengeance Drum Loop – Crappy Cookie Cutter Music

3. Attempting to sound like another producer.

Do I want to sound like Skrillex? Yeah, absolutely. Unfortunately, this one guy is way better than me at sounding like Skrillex…… It’s Skrillex. There’s a lot of really talented producers out there, and it’s really suck to hear that their music sounds like a famous producer even though they make really great original work. For producers it’s more important to make music that you want the scene to move into, rather than move into a sound niche that has already been taken by another artist.

4. Following the next popular sound.

I have a producer friend, who will remain un-named, that started making Deep House after finding out how popular it is. Unfortunately, millions of other producers had the same idea. This is what happened with dubstep, now nobody goes to beatport to buy dubstep. Although dubstep is still a popular genre, it’s all given away for free. In reality, it’s best to make the music that you want to make, then let the crowd find you.

5. Becoming a producer to be rich and famous.

You won’t be. Seriously, I could elaborate, but I’m sure there are statistics that will back me up. You should produce because you like to produce, not because you want to be famous.

King DarwinTop 5 Producer Fails