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Top 5 DJ – DJ Mag Top 100

1. Jack U:

Jack U is the combination of two of the most prominent sounds in EDM, Skrillex and Diplo. Individually they’d be in my top 5, so it’s just the logical choice to put them together. Their unique sound cuts through the generic mess that is the EDM scene. In fact Diplo has recently said that EDM all sounds the same, and that it’s almost impossible to determine who made a song by sound alone.

2. Run Riot:

His live setup looks insane, and sounds great, but I have no idea what he’s doing. His video for Upon Your Enemy was nominated for 7 different film awards, and is one of the most badass/ grotesque videos I’ve seen. To top it all off, he’s a really nice guy, which is weird to hear since most DJ’s are grade “A” premium douchebags.

3. Deadmau5:

His recent album, While (1<2), blew me away, and his set from Ultra 2014 stood out more than any other. Unfortunately his general “Douche-baggary” and Coffee Run’s overshadow anything he did in music this year. At this point Deadmau5 is more of a cultural icon than a music producer or DJ.

4. Savant:

Last year Savant released 3 albums, 3 EP, 16 free releases and Started a tour. This year he released 1 album (Protos) and 9 free releases, and continued his tour. If that amount of work doesn’t get you a spot in DJ Mag’s top 100 DJ’s, than the world is a broken place. Savant’s tour has opened up a lot of opportunities for him, as this year alone he’s had 2 beatport remix competitions.

5. Pegboard Nerds:

I want to call their music pop, because everything I hear from them is insanely catchy. We’ve all probably heard their songs at one point or another/ Their bassy aggressive sound has ported over to genres like Moombahcore, Complextro, and Hardstyle… But i’d still call them pop.

King DarwinTop 5 DJ – DJ Mag Top 100