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5 Must have EDM VST’s


If Massive isn’t you most used plugin, go to your local hardware store, buy a shovel, and dig yourself out of the hole you’ve been living in. Massive is the musical equivalent of the “Fixer” within the mob. Almost any sound can be achieved with this VST, I hardly use any other. It’s the most versatile synthesiser on the market, and if you disagree you’re elitist douche.

2. Harmor.

I’ve only ejaculated to this plugin 3 or 4 times since I’ve started using it. Harmor is a synthesiser and a resynthesis tool unlike any other. You can import other sounds, loops, or pictures (I use pictures of my Susan Boyle to get the UGLIEST bass growls) to create sounds, then change them using Harmor’s built in parameters.

3. FM8.

Trying to visualize the sounds created in FM8 before you actually create them is beyond human intellect, which is why we have handy-dandy tools like FM8. Frequency modulation is the only synthesising tool within this plugin, and with no idea how anything will sound, you’re basically turning knobs until you reach a sound that you like. If you like Roulette, this is the synth for you.

4. Sonic Academy Kick; Nicki Romero Edition.

I swear, I wasn’t paid to endorse this. Sonic Academy Kick actually surprised the hell out of me when I installed it. It can make a kick for any genre, in any key, whatever length you want it. You should be able to understand the program in an hour or so, and from there on out, kicks should only take 3 minutes of your production time.

5. Nexus.

This VST has been around the block and it’s come back so many times it should be called genital herpes. Nothing you make in nexus will sound unique or original, but it will sound distinctly “EDM”. Nexus needs presets because it doesn’t have any oscillation controls. It’s also hella expensive so you should probably only buy it if you’ve used it before.

King Darwin5 Must have EDM VST’s