5 Best Max for Live Plugins for Ableton Live


1. Building your own Max for Live plugin.

Seriously, it’s the best way to get the midi effect/audio effect/ instrument to work the way you want it to. Will you like doing it? No…. No producer does. but the outcome is usually worth it. I’ve built my own Max for Live plugins that are essential to my live performance, and none of them were fun to make.

2. MultiMap

Apparently this is an audio effect, but it doesn’t actually process audio. This effect links a parameter (either from a Midi controller or an internal Midi message) to m. any other parameters. I can’t think of an example of where to use this, but I use 8 of them in my live setup, so it’s actually fairly useful.

3. LFO

It does exactly what the name says it does, creates an LFO that you can link to any parameter within Ableton. The LFO itself can be changed for any common oscillation type, sped up, or linked to the tempo. There’s also a randomizer knob that shuffles the oscillator position around, but I thought that was utterly useless considering how there’s a randomizer Max for Life plugin.

4. Tempo

This plugin does exactly what you think it does, changes the tempo. You input the bpm you want to change to, and how long you want the change to take place, and this plugin smoothly changes the BPM. Very useful if you’re an ableton DJ, utterly useless if you have an outboard midi sync.

5. Midi Converter

I found this plugin in my downloads folder one morning after a drunk night out. It basically converts any midi message into any other midi message. I use it alot in my live setup, but I’m not sure of any practical purposes.

King5 Best Max for Live Plugins for Ableton Live

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